Packing and Unpacking


At Metro Moving Newport Beach, we deal with multiple ways to make your packing experience less horrible and stress full. Moving locally or internationally it packing and unpacking the office belongings or residential is the daunting task.

Let Metro Moving Newport Beach

Packing involves more than a putting all the stuff in a box and dispatch. There are techniques and level of packing. And we are best at all kinds of packing. Every object or material has to pack as per their fragility level.

Why hire Metro Moving Newport Beach for packing and unpacking services

  • By hiring Metro Moving Newport Beach for packing and unpacking services not only save your precious time but also keep your valuable items in the best condition.
  • we guarantee your belongings will reach at your place safely without any damage to them.
  • While unpacking, we are extra careful with your objects.
  • We do not do packing and unpacking in hustle. we assign many employees at your place to ensure safe and hustle free packing and unpacking
  • Our packers know more than 80 packing techniques and learn more packing style every day.
  • They are experienced and dedicated.

How our team works

We set a meeting with you

A day or two before the packing process we arrange a meeting with you in which we will discuss the detail of your belongings whether they are fragile or any other important stuff in it. We will ask you about the list of time you want us to pack and the items you want to keep with your elf while moving.


When moving there are many items, file, documents and mote which you want to discard. Make the pile of those items. Our team will do packing and packing and take the discard items.

Label the fragile item

While packing, we mark the fragile mark on the box or crate so that at the time of loading and unpacking our stuff will be care full.

We use quality materials for packing

  • high-quality moving crates and boxes
  • We use best quality newsprint, tissue paper, tape, cartons, and other material to make sure your stuff reaches at the destination safely.

Customer care

Our priority is our clients if you any complaints or suggestions about our packing and unpacking services free feel to contact us. We understand that packing and moving requires a lot of work and pre-planning, so does not waste time give us a ring and let us handle your worries.

Free quotation
Inquiry about our packing and unpacking services does not cost you a penny. Book your appointment with our packing and unpacking team lead for a free quote.

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